Kids, Orcs, and Hobbying

Even having no one to play against, I am still in love with the 10mm scale for fantasy miniatures. So here’s an update about what I have been doing for the past week!

First, since my two sons love playing with kid’s clay in the living room, I decided to move my miniature projects there as well. That way, I can work side-by-side with them, which is a lot more fun! Here’s how organized it all looks right now (yay!):

My three-year old made me promise to buy him some plastic miniatures to paint as well. Problem is, I don’t really feel comfortable handing something “scary” or warlike to him at that age. I just does not feel right, even if it is just a game. So I am trying to find something more “innocent” to start with. Perhaps a building of some kind? Happy for any suggestions!

The new setup also let me paint another four stands of orcs, giving me 6 full stands:

There is still some way to go, however:

A good start, nonetheless!

Thanks for reading!

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Finished Storage for 10mm Orcs!

Above you see the finished box for my 10mm orcs. It will easily hold an army of Hordes of the Things, with room left over for any expansions.

For the inside, I have added a simple magnetized sheet to keep the models in place:

Only problem I have encountered is that the close fit of the lid tends to pull off the paint – you see this at the hinged side of the box. Well, you can’t have everything I guess.

Until next time!

Painting 10mm Orcs!

Slowly getting somewhere with these nice miniatures from Copplestone Castings. Nearly 100 orcs! On the one hand, I find it more enjoyable painting at the 10mm scale than at the 28mm scale. On the other hand, it may become a bit repetitive towards the end. 🙂 I am very impressed by people who manage to crank out massive 10mm armies, seemingly without any major effort.

Until next time,

More Work on Storage for 10mm Army

Here’s the box after I painted it. I did some mistakes with the varnish (it was my first time working on a wooden box, instead of something of metal or plastic…), but on the whole, I am happy with the result. The silver symbol belongs to my first Hordes of the Things faction.

I have also attached a magnetic sheet to the insides:

The troop blocks stick beautifully to the surface – I tried shaking the box and not a single miniature moved. My youngest boy is sleeping very light tonight, so I’ll have to wait finishing the upper half of the box to another day. But the idea is to use a magnetised sheet there as well. I will use that space to attach an army list. That way, it will be easy to simply choose two boxes and get right down to gaming.

Until next time!

Storing 10mm Armies for Hordes of the Things

As I have been building my two armies for Hordes of the Things, I have started to also think about storage and transportation. On the one hand, there is the cheap route of a simple plastic box with magnetic sheets inside; on the other hand, there are the traditional foam or magnetic storage solutions, specially produced for wargamers. In any case, I wasn’t very keen on either of these solutions. I want my miniature containers to look good (plastic boxes do not) and be affordable (ready-made storage is not). So I instead opted for buying inexpensive nice wooden boxes, painting them, and then adding a magnetic sheet on the inside.

As you see above, I am still in the process of painting the box. Next, I will cut and glue two magnetic sheets to the inside. Here’s what it looks like now:

I really hope this works out! A box can easily fit a Hot-compliant army, while setting me back no more than 15 euro. Good for the bookshelves; good for the wallet!

Until next time!

10mm Orcs – Assembling on Magnetic Strips

Good news! I finished the next step in building my small orc horde. At the time of writing, somewhat less than 100 orcs have been glued to magnetic strips. Next up I will glue sand to the bases and give them a basecoat. Then it’s off to painting!

This force will give me 10 warbands for Hordes of the Things, totalling 20 points. I will need another 4 points before this army is done. I might add two units of wolf riders – perhaps one unit of archers and one unit with swords?

Until next time!

10mm Orcs Coming Up!

I just cleaned and washed the orcs for my second Hordes of the Things army. All in all, I expect this force to come in at about 90-100 models. Next up I will assemble them on 4x2cm strips and add a layer of base paint.

Until next time!

The Golden City – Progress Report on 10mm Army for HoT!

As you can see above, my “The Golden City” army for Hordes of the Things is finally starting to come together! All the models are assembled and primed; some are entirely finished, others are just in the early stages of painting. But I am very excited over how I might actually pull this off! I have never planned and completed a project of this kind before. Instead, I usually move from idea to idea without finishing anything. Time for a change!

For my own documentation, here’s the army list for the army:

1 x Councillors (magician generals), 4 points
2 x Mounted City Guard (knights), 4 points
2 x City Guard Archers (archers), 4 points
6 x City Guard Spearmen (spearmen), 12 points
Total: 24 points

The army consists of 42 individually based models, each of which has been magnetically attached to a sabot base made out of rubberized steel. The spearmen and archers are from Copplestone Castings, while the magicians and knights are from Pendraken.

Until next time!

Some Boring Progress

After a few days of letting my hobby table gather dust, I started to work on my first Hordes of the Things army again. Now I am doing work on the bases for my units. Lots of fiddly work, but it should soon be done. Hope to post a progress picture on the whole army soon!

Until next time

More Orcs Joining the Horde!

I always admire people who can just churn out whole armies without blinking. Myself I take forever to finish just about anything! That is why I am so happy to have finished two whole magnetized strips of orcs, which gives me… one whole 4x2cm base of orcs! Wonderful – I now have ten of these not-so-nice people. I am actually pretty happy with the colour scheme: three colours on yellow base paint, then two washes, then finishing touches and grasses. Very quickly, very efficient – and does not look too bad on the table.

Now, there is a long way to go before I can do much with these. For an army in Hordes of the Things I will need 18 strips of these (giving me 9 warbands) and then another 10-15 wolf riders to fill out the rest of the army. Well, at least this is a start!