More Work on Storage for 10mm Army

Here’s the box after I painted it. I did some mistakes with the varnish (it was my first time working on a wooden box, instead of something of metal or plastic…), but on the whole, I am happy with the result. The silver symbol belongs to my first Hordes of the Things faction.

I have also attached a magnetic sheet to the insides:

The troop blocks stick beautifully to the surface – I tried shaking the box and not a single miniature moved. My youngest boy is sleeping very light tonight, so I’ll have to wait finishing the upper half of the box to another day. But the idea is to use a magnetised sheet there as well. I will use that space to attach an army list. That way, it will be easy to simply choose two boxes and get right down to gaming.

Until next time!

Storing 10mm Armies for Hordes of the Things

As I have been building my two armies for Hordes of the Things, I have started to also think about storage and transportation. On the one hand, there is the cheap route of a simple plastic box with magnetic sheets inside; on the other hand, there are the traditional foam or magnetic storage solutions, specially produced for wargamers. In any case, I wasn’t very keen on either of these solutions. I want my miniature containers to look good (plastic boxes do not) and be affordable (ready-made storage is not). So I instead opted for buying inexpensive nice wooden boxes, painting them, and then adding a magnetic sheet on the inside.

As you see above, I am still in the process of painting the box. Next, I will cut and glue two magnetic sheets to the inside. Here’s what it looks like now:

I really hope this works out! A box can easily fit a Hot-compliant army, while setting me back no more than 15 euro. Good for the bookshelves; good for the wallet!

Until next time!

The Golden City – Progress Report on 10mm Army for HoT!

As you can see above, my “The Golden City” army for Hordes of the Things is finally starting to come together! All the models are assembled and primed; some are entirely finished, others are just in the early stages of painting. But I am very excited over how I might actually pull this off! I have never planned and completed a project of this kind before. Instead, I usually move from idea to idea without finishing anything. Time for a change!

For my own documentation, here’s the army list for the army:

1 x Councillors (magician generals), 4 points
2 x Mounted City Guard (knights), 4 points
2 x City Guard Archers (archers), 4 points
6 x City Guard Spearmen (spearmen), 12 points
Total: 24 points

The army consists of 42 individually based models, each of which has been magnetically attached to a sabot base made out of rubberized steel. The spearmen and archers are from Copplestone Castings, while the magicians and knights are from Pendraken.

Until next time!

Some Boring Progress

After a few days of letting my hobby table gather dust, I started to work on my first Hordes of the Things army again. Now I am doing work on the bases for my units. Lots of fiddly work, but it should soon be done. Hope to post a progress picture on the whole army soon!

Until next time

Watchtower for Hordes of the Things

I just started to build a small fortified watchtower for my Golden City faction. It will be useful when defending in Hordes of the Things. As you can see, it’s very much a work-in-progress so far:

The tower is from Spellcrow, and I’m also building a palisade around the whole structure using the shafts from long cotton buds. Then I’ll add dirt just about everywhere – perhaps even some platforms for archers to stand upon.

Not sure how fast this will go – I didn’t realize just how many wooden stakes are needed for this kind of structure! Well, at least there will be plenty of craftmanship involved. 😉 I’m a real hobbyist now!

Until next time!

Progress on Mounted City Guard!

Instead of doing work on my archers as planned, I kept working on my cavalry stands. Above you see a few of them, including the beginnings to a sabot base.

The miniatures are from Pendraken – in fact, they are originally from the TB-line of models which Pendraken bought and made new molds for. The models are wonderful: incredible detail, separate horses and riders create great variety, and the scale and poses are perfect. Add to this Pendraken’s perfect casting (I have had a lot more work with the Copplestone miniatures I use for the rest of the army) and I am a very satisfied customer.

The only problem I see is that there are sometimes too many intricate details. Some of those details I just cannot paint! Ah, you can’t have everything!

I am starting to itch for the gaming mat to arrive, just so I can play around with putting models and buildings on it. But it will be a week or two still.

All the best,

10mm Spearmen Finished for Hordes of the Things

I just finished painting the above three stands of spearmen for Hordes of the Thing!. Together with my magicians, I now have completed 10 points out of 24 for this faction:

Next up I will finish my three stands of archers. After that follows two stands of cavalry and potentially one more stand of magicians. Then I am done!

Individually basing the minis was an interesting experiment – each spearman has a small 1x1cm base cut from magnetic sheet – but I am not sure I will repeat it for my next army. The models easily falls off if you handle the stands wrong, and the assembling process is tricky and time-consuming. I guess that the designers of Warmaster knew what they were doing when they organized everything into strips. In any case, the good thing with Hordes of the Things is that since the armies are so small, you can just finish the project as it is and try something else the next time. 🙂

My current project (playing a game of HoT with two armies on a suitable board) is moving forward in other respects as well. I ordered a custom downscaled battlemat from and I have been gathering some interesting flowers outside to construct trees from:

I just boiled them in water and am waiting for them to dry out; no idea whether I can get trees from them, but at least the basic structure and size is there. Exciting times!

Until next time!

10mm Magicians Finished for Hordes of the Things!

Yay – I finally finished my magician (and general) unit for 10mm scale Hordes of the Things! It consists of two wizards (recommendation is 2-3 models), They are council members from the rich and wizard-run Golden City.

As per the rules, I placed the wizards on a very roomy 40x40mm base, which I then had to fill up with excessive numbers of grass tufts. The unit gives me four more points, out of 24, towards completing my force.

For this unit, I actually decided to construct a sabot base. That is a base with holes cut for individual models. To build it, I first cut and glued together two steel rubber sheets. I then cut and added a magnet sheet with holes on top of it. Finally, I based the magnet sheet using glue and sand. The whole contraption comes out as 3mm thick, which is the thickness I aim for across the army. Here’s how it looks:

It might have been better to simply use a steel sheet for the top layer as well. I do not know enough about magnetism to say whether one method works better than the other. But it works sufficiently well for my use case. In particular, it allows me to use the wizards in smaller skirmish games and to rebase them for other large scale games (putting them on round bases for Warmaster, for example).

Until next time!