10mm Scale Battlemat from Playmats

I just received a custom battlemat from Playmats. The mat uses the Undergrowth/Swamp texture from a 122x122cm map. It was then scaled down to 60x60cm on my request, to better fit with the 10mm scale. The mat set me back 59 euro.

Here is a shot of the texture on the first side (the “Undergrowth” texture):

And here is apicture of the second side (the “Swamp” side):

The details are looking good, despite downscaling with 50%. So that part of the experiment worked well. Another good thing is that the mat does not reflect much light.

My only issue is that the colors look much less vibrant than as advertised (see here). While I was expecting the mat to be darker than one of latex or vinyl, I did not anticipate this huge change in color. Could it be due to scaling or to the choice of material? I might write to the seller and ask about it.

Until next time,