10mm Magicians Finished for Hordes of the Things!

Yay – I finally finished my magician (and general) unit for 10mm scale Hordes of the Things! It consists of two wizards (recommendation is 2-3 models), They are council members from the rich and wizard-run Golden City.

As per the rules, I placed the wizards on a very roomy 40x40mm base, which I then had to fill up with excessive numbers of grass tufts. The unit gives me four more points, out of 24, towards completing my force.

For this unit, I actually decided to construct a sabot base. That is a base with holes cut for individual models. To build it, I first cut and glued together two steel rubber sheets. I then cut and added a magnet sheet with holes on top of it. Finally, I based the magnet sheet using glue and sand. The whole contraption comes out as 3mm thick, which is the thickness I aim for across the army. Here’s how it looks:

It might have been better to simply use a steel sheet for the top layer as well. I do not know enough about magnetism to say whether one method works better than the other. But it works sufficiently well for my use case. In particular, it allows me to use the wizards in smaller skirmish games and to rebase them for other large scale games (putting them on round bases for Warmaster, for example).

Until next time!

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