10mm Spearmen Finished for Hordes of the Things

I just finished painting the above three stands of spearmen for Hordes of the Thing!. Together with my magicians, I now have completed 10 points out of 24 for this faction:

Next up I will finish my three stands of archers. After that follows two stands of cavalry and potentially one more stand of magicians. Then I am done!

Individually basing the minis was an interesting experiment – each spearman has a small 1x1cm base cut from magnetic sheet – but I am not sure I will repeat it for my next army. The models easily falls off if you handle the stands wrong, and the assembling process is tricky and time-consuming. I guess that the designers of Warmaster knew what they were doing when they organized everything into strips. In any case, the good thing with Hordes of the Things is that since the armies are so small, you can just finish the project as it is and try something else the next time. 🙂

My current project (playing a game of HoT with two armies on a suitable board) is moving forward in other respects as well. I ordered a custom downscaled battlemat from playmats.eu and I have been gathering some interesting flowers outside to construct trees from:

I just boiled them in water and am waiting for them to dry out; no idea whether I can get trees from them, but at least the basic structure and size is there. Exciting times!

Until next time!

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