Progress on Mounted City Guard!

Instead of doing work on my archers as planned, I kept working on my cavalry stands. Above you see a few of them, including the beginnings to a sabot base.

The miniatures are from Pendraken – in fact, they are originally from the TB-line of models which Pendraken bought and made new molds for. The models are wonderful: incredible detail, separate horses and riders create great variety, and the scale and poses are perfect. Add to this Pendraken’s perfect casting (I have had a lot more work with the Copplestone miniatures I use for the rest of the army) and I am a very satisfied customer.

The only problem I see is that there are sometimes too many intricate details. Some of those details I just cannot paint! Ah, you can’t have everything!

I am starting to itch for the gaming mat to arrive, just so I can play around with putting models and buildings on it. But it will be a week or two still.

All the best,

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