My Order from Battlescale has Arrived!

Hooray, I just received my order from Battlescale Wargame Buildings! I bought a bridge, an outhouse (!), and a small thatched house. The buildings will complement my house and barn from Spellcrow.

I have only cleaned the models so far, but so far it all looks perfect. The details of the sculpts are fantastic, the scale looks right, and the casting and finish appear great as well. I was impressed by the buildings from Spellcrow, but these seem to be a step up in quality. In particular, the bases are completely flat, which I appreciate. I look forward to painting them!

I must say that it is a pain ordering from the UK today – not that this is Battlescale’s fault. The Swedish customs hold up the packages for a fairly long time (unless the VAT is collected beforehand, as some larger stores do). Also, the fixed fee is inconvenient for small packages – 7 euros for this one.

Anyway, in other hobby news, I have continued working on the fort:

The walls are all done – except for the gate – and I have now started on the walkway. I have learned a lot from this small project. If I ever do another palisade, things will progress a lot smoother!

Until next time,

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