Next Faction for Hordes of the Things

Today has been a bad day. I sometimes have a migraine like headache (probably due to exhaustion) and it reared its ugly head this day. For this reason, I have been pretty much incapacitated. Luckily, my partner has a day off and have taken care of our children while I huddle in my room.

While I was waiting for the migraine to subside, I did some hobbying to relax. Not much happened. However, I did complete a strip of Copplestone orcs:

I am planning to build this army so that it is usable both for my Hordes of the Things project, as well as for any future Lord of the Rings-themed projects. The bases will be dark brown with dark green grass and mosses, and I will build and paint them on magnetized strips of 4×1 cm. These strips can then be combined into various bases (4×2 cm, 4×4 cm, etc.) as needed. If I play a Lord of the Rings-themed game, I can just make a different “command strip” with the banner carrying the lidless eye of Sauron.

The above example was speed painted – I think it looks good enough. The banner sign is a fluorescent mushroom, which is the faction symbol for my Hordes of the Things army. I will probably call the faction something like “forest people,” since they are meant to be inspired more by the ancient Gauls than Tolkien’s orcs. They will therefore also organize into warbands rather than hordes. I might even add a huge snail as a behemot to their force – again, in the non-Tolkien setting of course. 😉

Until next time!

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