Hobbit in 10mm Scale

Yay, I just finished painting up a tiny hobbit! I’m happy I pulled it off, because my eyes and hands were tested while working on some of the details. Something is wrong with the photo as well (it was not easy to photograph!) because there is a greenish tint to it. Anyway, the miniature is from Copplestone Castings. Lovely models; I think I will paint a few more of the hobbits, if inspiration strikes again.

It would have been fun to pick up a copy of Games Workshop’s Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game and try the game in 10mm scale. On the other hand, buying the two main books would cost about 80 euro, far more than the models themselves! Something to think about, at least.

(By the way, this must be Sam, right? I’m guessing so due to his massive backpack…)

Until next time!

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