More Orcs Joining the Horde!

I always admire people who can just churn out whole armies without blinking. Myself I take forever to finish just about anything! That is why I am so happy to have finished two whole magnetized strips of orcs, which gives me… one whole 4x2cm base of orcs! Wonderful – I now have ten of these not-so-nice people. I am actually pretty happy with the colour scheme: three colours on yellow base paint, then two washes, then finishing touches and grasses. Very quickly, very efficient – and does not look too bad on the table.

Now, there is a long way to go before I can do much with these. For an army in Hordes of the Things I will need 18 strips of these (giving me 9 warbands) and then another 10-15 wolf riders to fill out the rest of the army. Well, at least this is a start!

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