The Golden City – Progress Report on 10mm Army for HoT!

As you can see above, my “The Golden City” army for Hordes of the Things is finally starting to come together! All the models are assembled and primed; some are entirely finished, others are just in the early stages of painting. But I am very excited over how I might actually pull this off! I have never planned and completed a project of this kind before. Instead, I usually move from idea to idea without finishing anything. Time for a change!

For my own documentation, here’s the army list for the army:

1 x Councillors (magician generals), 4 points
2 x Mounted City Guard (knights), 4 points
2 x City Guard Archers (archers), 4 points
6 x City Guard Spearmen (spearmen), 12 points
Total: 24 points

The army consists of 42 individually based models, each of which has been magnetically attached to a sabot base made out of rubberized steel. The spearmen and archers are from Copplestone Castings, while the magicians and knights are from Pendraken.

Until next time!

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