Storing 10mm Armies for Hordes of the Things

As I have been building my two armies for Hordes of the Things, I have started to also think about storage and transportation. On the one hand, there is the cheap route of a simple plastic box with magnetic sheets inside; on the other hand, there are the traditional foam or magnetic storage solutions, specially produced for wargamers. In any case, I wasn’t very keen on either of these solutions. I want my miniature containers to look good (plastic boxes do not) and be affordable (ready-made storage is not). So I instead opted for buying inexpensive nice wooden boxes, painting them, and then adding a magnetic sheet on the inside.

As you see above, I am still in the process of painting the box. Next, I will cut and glue two magnetic sheets to the inside. Here’s what it looks like now:

I really hope this works out! A box can easily fit a Hot-compliant army, while setting me back no more than 15 euro. Good for the bookshelves; good for the wallet!

Until next time!

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