Kids, Orcs, and Hobbying

Even having no one to play against, I am still in love with the 10mm scale for fantasy miniatures. So here’s an update about what I have been doing for the past week!

First, since my two sons love playing with kid’s clay in the living room, I decided to move my miniature projects there as well. That way, I can work side-by-side with them, which is a lot more fun! Here’s how organized it all looks right now (yay!):

My three-year old made me promise to buy him some plastic miniatures to paint as well. Problem is, I don’t really feel comfortable handing something “scary” or warlike to him at that age. I just does not feel right, even if it is just a game. So I am trying to find something more “innocent” to start with. Perhaps a building of some kind? Happy for any suggestions!

The new setup also let me paint another four stands of orcs, giving me 6 full stands:

There is still some way to go, however:

A good start, nonetheless!

Thanks for reading!

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