Wizards and Guards

I am currently building two small armies for 10mm scale. The first army consists of an expeditionary force led by a few wizards. They are accompanied by a small group of city guards.

Zombies for Warcry

I ran a small Warcry campaign with two old friends between 2020 and 2021. The campaign revolved around the village of Marden and the “green pox,” an illness that transforms peaceful villagers to zombies. For the final scenario, I built some zombies to use for the March of the Dead scenario. It was super fun!

Bertha and Siv

My Warcry warband consists of two characters – the necromancer Bertha the Widow and her companion Siv the Orphan. The characters are accompanied by a dozen old warriors raised to unlife.

Mauan 190th

I have a Kill Team for Warhammer 40k that consists of about twenty converted imperial guardsmen. The legs are from high elf archers, while the heads are from Statuesque Miniatures. This was before female miniatures started to make inroads in the 40k hobby; the concept looks pretty dated now, but I am still fond of the miniatures.