Black Earth Valley


A New Beginning

In the Spring of year 4520, the young orc chief Oyugun finally decided to strike out from his hometown of Erdene. Disillusioned by the corruption of his elders, he took his tribe into the Old Forest.

Oyugun’s tribe

During the long treck, many of Oyugun’s kinsmen would turn back. Those who kept faith reached the Burrows – the vast labyrinth of caverns which was home to Inya, Queen of the Wargs.

Oyugun went alone into the caverns. For three days, his followers waited. When Oyugun returned, he was accompanied by a massive black-grey beast. Apparently, Oyugun had sought out the queen and, after long arguments neither would speak off afterwards, they had agreed to form an alliance.


Invasion from the South

Over the following months, the two groups began to intermingle. The orcs erected their leather tents in a nearby glade. The wargs kept them fed with prey. Slowly, the two species built trust among each other. Notably, the most tolerant of wargs began to practice with the bravest of orcs as riders. The experiment in cooperation soon paid off, and it was not long until groups of warg riders could be seen patrolling the forest.


One autumn month, news arrived of a great pillage to the southeast. Mysterious parties of loggers had cut down great areals of trees during nighttime. The invaders were hooded creatures armed with spears and bows. Had the queen known of this incursion when she agreed to Oyugun’s proposal? Moving south, Inya and Oryugun led their wargriders and tribesmen to confront the intruders.


The Buried Fortress


Battle of Southern Clearing



End of year